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Cued Speech Europa

There are approximately 466 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the world, so their problems are not marginal. Preventing their social exclusion and creating communication communities is a priority task today. Deaf and hard of hearing students can nowadays get good quality education not only in special institutions, but also in integrated and mainstream (inclusive) educational institutions. Teachers, therapists and other specialists working with deaf and hard of hearing population need support in acquiring innovative communication skills to meet the individual needs of their students. This situation is reflected throughout the EU.

The CUED SPEECH EUROPA project aims to promote a method supporting auditory and linguistic development in phonic national languages: French, Polish and Italian. For many decades, adaptations of Cued Speech have helped to improve the inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing people and to raise the quality of education in all types of institutions. It is very important to show the benefits of using this method today.

The project will create the following resources: