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by Logopsycom

If you’ve followed us until now, you probably know that our project aims to promote Cued Speech, a communication system that helps in overcoming the lip-reading ambiguities for people who have hearing loss or other language and speech disorders. Our previous articles detailed the project objectives and outputs, as well as the history and advantages of Cued Speech.

If you want are interested in learning more about this system, you can read both articles and discover our Booklet on the Cued Speech system and its practice, which will be released on our website by the end of April 2021 in English, French, Polish, and Italian. In this booklet, you will find a theoretical explanation of the system, its history and advantages, as well as good practices and interesting testimonials of parents, speech therapists and teachers who used it and wanted to share their experience with us.

Our next step is to design a free online course for you to learn what Cued Speech is, for which audiences you can use it, and to follow our practical training on cueing with Cued Speech. This course will be released in Autumn 2021 and will be followed by another one on cue reading. We are now creating the structure of the first course and preparing amazing content for you to be able to learn it from the comfort of your home!

What will the course contain?

Our course will have both theoretical content and practical exercises and advice. All the content will be presented using interactive visuals, videos, quizzes, etc.

Here are some points that the course will cover:

  • The history and principles of Cued Speech
  • The uses and advantages of Cued Speech
  • The articulatory system and the International Phonetics Alphabet
  • The practical discovery of vowel cues
  • The practical discovery of consonant cues

The course will not be taught in English, as there are already many resources from the NCSA (National Cued Speech Association in the United States). Our course will be taught in the languages of the partners: French (Langue française Parlée Complétée), Polish (fonogesty), and Italian (Parola Italiana Totalmente Accessible).

These “cues” were invented by Dr. Orin Cornett in English and were adapted to over 60 languages. For this project, we have already created some material to illustrate the material of the courses.

Here is a sneak peek of the Cued Speech visuals in French, Italian and Polish:

These visuals are a first theoretical insight into the practical parts of the training module. They show the different hand positions around the face, associated with the vowel sounds (phonemes) they represent, as well as the hand configurations used to represent consonant sounds (phonemes). These can serve as a base for you to learn the different positions and configurations before you take the course, during which you will learn how to use and link them properly for you to cue more fluently over time.

For any other information on the project, our website is now available at this address: We can’t wait to show you all the new material that will be developed for the course, stay tuned for new updates!